Review by Ally Cherry, June 2018.

“What a fantastic time we had today at Brides of Liverpool! My daughter found the perfect dress…huge choice and range of sizes…Beautiful veils and an excellent faultless service. Everything was organised so well and my daughter, who struggles to find everyday clothes that fit well, let alone a wedding dress, was delighted with the choice, the cut of the dresses, so flattering and comfortable! She was attended to in a very professional yet relaxed manner, so was very comfortable trying on the dresses and accessories…My daughter hates clothes shopping, but she was certainly smiling and happy after her visit! Went to 3 bridal shops today…nothing compared to this…not even close…so didn’t bother with the 4th shop, just rushed back to confirm her choice and buy her dress before they closed at 5pm.Cannot enthuse about this shop enough and they do the alterations in-house…lady really knew her stuff..You can book an appointment easily online..or just ring up.Shop is upstairs…beautiful layout and discreet changing and private viewing…Excellent range of prices too…they have a really good sale on now…Only chose this one as close to Copplestones and the Central Station, SO glad that we did!”

Our heartfelt thanks go to Ally for her very kind comments on her experience with us.


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